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I'm eccstatic that you've made it to this page. Hopefully that means you like what you see and want to start your own project.

This form just gives me a chance to ask a bunch of questions about you, your business and your project. If some questions are too hard don't worry about them, I can always ask additional questions later but the more detail you add here the clearer picture I will have of you and what we want to achieve together.

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here's what some customers had to say...

"Working with Nathan was a seemless experience. He was able to come up with an updated logo, a new color scheme and streamlined business cards for me that exude modern professionalism. I didn't give him a whole lot of direction but, his creativity came through in a big way. His ideas and designs were able to capture exactly what I was looking for and what I could not put into words. Nathan is a consummate professional who is easy to work with and timely as well. I would recommend him to anyone needing services in this area."
Nathan Comerford (Thought Perspectives)

"Nathan's work on this project was great. The iterative and open approach he used to capturing feedback and incorporating it into the design gave us a sense of confidence that the final product would meet our needs. Nathan was also able to adapt to my sometimes odd hours which was a really big benefit to our growing business. The final product looks great and we have Nathan to thank for that!"
Will Mapes (SingleThread)

"Nathan's ability is boundless. He has worked on multiple projects for our company for over 10 years. We have had many 'odd and strange' requests for Nathan and he has always been able to create such or advise of an alternative that worked to suit our needs. Very happy!"
John Sumner (Cakes Covers & Candlesticks)

"The recommendations Nathan gave us we're spot on! It's clear he took the time to really understand our market and competitors, and he was able create a timeless design that our business will be able to grow with. I've already received multiple compliments on my new cards, and it's definitely a noticeable upgrade from the ones we were creating internally. We're extremely happy with everything Nathan has designed for us so far, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!"
Sam Burrow (Burrows Orthodontics)

"Nathan understood the brief incredibly quickly by researching the industry, competitors and really getting to know what made the company tick. He was very easy to work with, turned the project round very quickly, provided a wealth of advice and, of course, created a fantastic logo as the end result."
James Walker (Cloud Nine Aerial Photographs)

"You've nailed it again! Loved our logo when you first designed it years ago and now the recent refresh is just what we needed. Thanks for your attention to detail and understanding the needs of our not-for-profit organisation."
Jane Faase (Olive Tree Media)

"Making the decision to out source our branding and marketing efforts was a big decision of us since we had handled everything I internally for so long. Nathan accepted the challenge with open arms and literally blew us away with EVERYTHING he's produced for us since. We couldn't be happier with his work and we would never even consider working with anyone else."
Carl Eschenburg (Carl & Co.)

"The thing I like most about working with Nathan, is that he gave us his expert opinion – and we could choose to take it or leave it – but I've found his opinion to be so valuable. Nathan is also very patient and understanding. He really listened to our needs and delivered something that suited us perfectly! Thanks Nathan for all your help – we're really happy with the outcome, and will definitely be coming back to you with our next project soon!"
Tammy Masden (Kinetic Martial Arts)

"Nathan continues to impress me with each project! He is incredibly talented, insightful and easy to collaborate with. He truly took the time to understand the industry, local market and competitive landscape to meet our small business needs; and I could not be happier with the new logo. Nathan went above and beyond providing recommendations, incorporating all of our feedback and working on a tight timeline to help meet our launch. It's been a pleasure working with him, and I definitely plan on leveraging Nathan again in the future!"
Sarah Hanna

"I typically have a vague idea for my projects, and Nathan always turns this idea into a reality much better than I could have imagined. I've worked with Nathan for more than 10 years on CDs, flyers and logos and each time I have been ecstatic with the ease of the process, speed of the response and the overall result. I will certainly use him for all future requirements!"
Justin Lucas

"Nathan understands your business and brief to deliver a product which really works."
Tim Faase (Digerati Solutions)

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